Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Angry Birds Epic

Yesterday we had our cousins coming over at 7:00 when they got there they played with us on their devices. Eavan and I played a game called Angry Birds Epic angry birds epic is when the birds fight with Thier own powers. The yellow bird is lighting bird the red bird is normal it just whaks them. Bomb is a good bird to have because he blows up and pummels them. Blue birds have a bow so they can shoot. When it was 9:00 we played on the computer I was playing minecraft Eavan was playing it too!
So was braeden then at 12:00 they all left.

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  1. Hi Josh, I have been enjoying following your blog from London. I hear the holiday weather in New Zealand has been pretty awful, but I can see that you have done lots of fun things. This epic Angry Birds session sounds fun.

    Mrs Burt
    London, UK