Sunday, 6 July 2014

Murder movie josh

In this game there is reviver murder bystander. Bystander with a weapon and murder minion the reviver is a good person to have because he revives dead people in this movie. Murder is person who kills everyone with his knife trying not to get killed himself.  Bystander is a person who absolutely dose nothing but the bystander with the secret weapon is cooler because he can shoot the murder but if he shoots a bystander or someone that is not a murder he is in BIG trouble. Because he loses the gun.
Murder minion is a 2nd murder he is 2x worse than the ordinary murder but really helpful for the murder. And there is also and the very final person witch is the weird bystander witch is a bystander murder he has no knife so only when he touchs the bystander the bystander will die.

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  1. What a very interesting movie Josh. I think I am left a little confused.... perhaps a short description for your audience could help clarify our understanding of your story.
    On a technical note, Ken Burns - take a look at centering your photos carefully in iMovie). It can get very tricky.
    I am going to enjoy these holidays - watching you get all creative on your iPad. I wonder what is next?